New light painting.

I have recently been working on a number of projects including light painting and sand art combo's, building camera jibs and cable camera rigs. I also have a couple of bigger things coming up, ie events in the UK and Ireland with a bit of luck. Check out the facebook page ...

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23 Feb 2014 | Tags: camera rigs




Seymour tower. What a treat.

I was lucky enough to have been out to Seymour Tower this weekend for an overnight stay. It's a sea defence tower over a mile out to sea on Jersey's south east corner, which you can walk to on very large tides with a guide. Built in 1782 it was the ...

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28 May 2013 | Tags: Seymour.



Loving Plemont.

Down Plemont beach at lunch time today just stunning just a few people around,a couple of twichers on the beach with some epic camera gear,lenses like rocket launches.

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23 Apr 2013 | Tags: Plemont


Radisson workshop.

A photo from my kite of the workshop for The Radisson Blu Hotel. A team of 15 did this with some with a few pointers well done guys top job.

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22 Apr 2013 | Tags: Radisson workshop.



Black sand collection.

workThe black sand collection.

This is some of the work I've been doing while here in New Zealand. The tall glass and stone has already gone. The driftwood out here is beautiful as is the country. I have 3 - 4 pieces to add to the set.  ...

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07 Mar 2013 | Tags: Black sand collection.




BOWLThis is some of the new work I'm producing while in New Zealand. This piece has a carbon fibre look to it with the shadows. You can see other images of this in the gallery. You can see what else I've been up to in ...

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21 Feb 2013 | Tags: BOWL.



As there is such alot of great beach and river driftwood here in New Zealand I will be knocking up a few carved driftwood and stone pieces in the next few weeks. Photos will follow soon as the works progress on here and the FB page. Give the page a "Like" as ...

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10 Feb 2013 | Tags: driftwood.


NZ sand art. GOPRO POLE.

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05 Feb 2013 | Tags: pro.





To all the fans, followers and anyone else Merry Christmas I hope you have a fantastic day and get all you need, just spare a thought for some others out there who maybe don't. After all it's the season of good will. Enjoy people best wishes XXX

Thanks for all the support ...

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25 Dec 2012 | Tags: Merry Christmas.



No sand art as yet up here in Scotland, but what a country so stunning from the rolling hills and rugged coast line to the beautiful abbey's and castles. Off to Edinburgh in the morning for some more culture. I have to say that some of the beaches up here ...

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10 Dec 2012 | Tags: Beautiful Scotland.




I'm delighted to say that in March of next year I have been invited to the beautiful island of Bermuda for their Beach art festival.

Samuel Dougados the winner of last years Jersey Beach Art Competition took part in their festival this year.  I was speaking to him the other week ...

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11 Nov 2012 | Tags: Bermuda.




This Thursday I will be down Plemont beach from 2pm weather permitting to do some sand art for the National Trust for Jersey.The logo will be for the "Love Plemont" FB page. I will be making a short time lapse video of the piece aswell.

It should be finished around 3.30ish ...

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01 Oct 2012 | Tags: love Plemont.



Purple and chrome.

purpleThis is the some of the new work I have been doing recently. If you go onto the facebook page at the top of the site you can see a little video of this. Ps don't forget to "like " the ...

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26 Aug 2012 | Tags: new work


My corner.

 My corner of the "Hset1arbour Gallery" down St Aubin this gives you an idea of the recent work i've been doing.  The coloured pieces are made from HDF filled and then painted with 2 pack spray,sitting on a granite base.  The large light ...

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14 Aug 2012 | Tags: corner


Up date.

I have been a little busy sorting things out......this and that.  Plus watching the Olympics aswell. So I have just up dated the gallery pages with some of the recent work that I have completed hope you like them.

If you go down to the "Harbour Gallery" at St Aubin you can ...

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14 Aug 2012 | Tags: update



Olympic flame.

As you know the Olmypic torch arrives in Jersey tomorrow and I think I may sneak in a little logo on the beach at west park weather permitting. I'm sure it will be very busy as it's not often that it make an appearance.....


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14 Jul 2012 | Tags: torch.



BBC Coast.

On Sunday the 17 of June at 9pm on BBC 2, Jersey will be featuring in the last programme of the current series of Coast. It was filmed during the my memory beach art championships last October.  I believe all of the artist will be featuring in this programme myself included. ...

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16 Jun 2012 | Tags: coast



Tomorrow is the big day for Dads why not come down and join us.

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16 Jun 2012 | Tags: U DOODLE DADDY'S DAY



 This is one of my new pieces that will be on show in the Harbour Gallery "Submerged Refections" exhibition from 6.30pm 14/6/12 till the 16/7/12. There are 12 different artists with work on show and some very cool pieces. Hope you get the chance ...

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13 Jun 2012 | Tags: LITEBOX



Seymour sandart.

  In the next few weeks I will be heading out to Seymour tower to do some sandart and some kite aerial photography (KAP) on the next lot of big tides. I will be going down with a guide as I would not ...

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23 Apr 2012 | Tags: seymour.


Saturday Market.

Hey if your out west this Saturday why not pop down and check out the market at St Aubins outside the old train station ie the parish hall. It all starts from 9am and will be on the go till 2pm. Loads of really cool local produce and fantastic local craft,art etc. You ...

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19 Apr 2012 | Tags: market



I will be starting to do a series of sandart images of iconic classic album covers very soon, these will be a representation of the covers and not an exact copy. If anyone has any suggestions regarding this idea please feel free to contact me via email below. These will then be available for gifts.


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08 Apr 2012 | Tags: ALBUM IMAGES.



New wall light made from oak, smoked glass and white pebbles. It has LED light strips behind which shine through a little, but it is really an up and down light,this is the first of a series combining timber. I will be posting more ...

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07 Apr 2012 | Tags: OAK LIGHT



Happy Mother's Day.

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17 Mar 2012 | Tags: mother's day.


Genuine Jersey Member

Great News! I am now a member of "Genuine Jersey Products Associaction (GJPA), which supports local producers, products and produce in the Island of Jersey.

You can find out more about Genuine Jersey here

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03 Mar 2012 | Tags: Genuine Jersey




I will be down St Ouen this morning with JCG Prep School near El Tico. The Kiddies will be creating their own images and patterns with a little help from myself. They range from 5-10 so there should be an unusual mix of art. I'am looking forward to seeing what ...

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29 Feb 2012 | Tags: jcg prep



 On Thursday 23rd of February I did a logo for Sport Relief in the south west which was filmed by the BBC. The logo it's self was 60metres across and the outer circle was 404metres round and was one of the largest ...

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25 Feb 2012 | Tags: SPORT RELIEF LOGO.


Sports Relief

I can finally talk about a new project I will be doing on the 23 February between 11am and 2pm.

I will be raking a 1 mile round circle on the beach containing the "SPORT RELIEF 2012, GO THE EXTRA MILE" logo.

More info about all events are available at www.sportrelief.com ...

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18 Feb 2012 | Tags: sport relief , 2012 , 1 mile rake



La Rocco Dome.

Did my first light painting and sand art combo tonight. Added one shot to the slide show at the top of the site and to my work  this evening. Reasonably happy with the results.

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11 Jan 2012 | Tags: Andy.



I have been invited to take part in an up and coming event in France this summer which should be an interesting and moving affair. There will be quite alot of people involved in this as the scale will be huge. The finished product should be awesome,but at this time thats about all I can ...

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10 Jan 2012 | Tags: a small cog in a large machine.


New images.

Hi people,Happy new year. Got control of the website today so i have been uploading new images of sandart,sculpture and mostly light painting photography onto the site. Hope there abit of something for everyone. My new kite came today so will be getting into some KAP (kite aerial photography.) very soon.   Cheers.

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05 Jan 2012 | Tags: new images




Awful weather

Itiching to get down the beach to do some designs but its terrible weather for all sorts and especially sand art.

Hopefully going to upload more pictures to the gallery soon.

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15 Dec 2011 | Tags: l



Beach Art Awards in Metro

I'm in the Metro paper today "Grain Designs for a Real Jersey Shore".

"It's time to draw a line in the sand...the first ever Worldwide beach art awards will be held in the Channel Island of Jersey this month. The two day world championships organised by Mymemory.com will draw competitors from ...

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25 Oct 2011 | Tags: Metro, Beach Art Awards, Media Coverage


Exhibition Opening

The day of "One Man and his Rake" my 1st exhibition.

The opening went well and Harry McRandle from the JEP and friend gave an opening speech. I must admit I was nervous. Thanks for everyone who has made it possible and everyone for coming down for the opening. It's just great ...

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20 Oct 2011 | Tags: Exhibition, JEP


Finishing Touches

The last pieces going into the Gallery today and putting the finishing touches to one of my sculptures.

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19 Oct 2011 | Tags: Sculptures


Harbour Gallery

Been down at the Harbour Gallery today hanging my canvas's and mirror sculptures, it's looking good so far. It's great to see it all coming together.

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18 Oct 2011 | Tags: Harbour Gallery, Sculptures


JEP Photoshoot

Met Gill from the JEP today at La Braye beach, we both had a go doing some patterns which was fun. Then I had a photo shoot which will be in the JEP on Saturday 22nd of October...'check it '.

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17 Oct 2011 | Tags: JEP, La Braye


Gallery Open Evening

Invite to the opening evening Thursday 20th October 6.30 - 8.30pm at the harbour gallery St Aubins, Jersey.

I will be there to meet people and talk about all my art work. The exhibition will be officially opened at 7pm by the Jersey Evenings Post's Harry McRandle. Wine and Canapes will ...

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14 Oct 2011 | Tags: JEP, Open Evening, Harbour Gallery


One Man and His Rake

It's been a mad and exciting week. I have been getting all my sculptures finished for my first exhibition "one man and his rake" being held at the Harbour gallery, St Aubin, Jersey which starts on the 20th October till the 2nd November.

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12 Oct 2011 | Tags: exhibition, sculptures