Seymour tower. What a treat.

I was lucky enough to have been out to Seymour Tower this weekend for an overnight stay. It's a sea defence tower over a mile out to sea on Jersey's south east corner, which you can walk to on very large tides with a guide. Built in 1782 it was the ...

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28 May 2013 | Tags: Seymour.



Loving Plemont.

Down Plemont beach at lunch time today just stunning just a few people around,a couple of twichers on the beach with some epic camera gear,lenses like rocket launches.

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23 Apr 2013 | Tags: Plemont


Radisson workshop.

A photo from my kite of the workshop for The Radisson Blu Hotel. A team of 15 did this with some with a few pointers well done guys top job.

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22 Apr 2013 | Tags: Radisson workshop.



Black sand collection.

workThe black sand collection.

This is some of the work I've been doing while here in New Zealand. The tall glass and stone has already gone. The driftwood out here is beautiful as is the country. I have 3 - 4 pieces to add to the set.  ...

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07 Mar 2013 | Tags: Black sand collection.




BOWLThis is some of the new work I'm producing while in New Zealand. This piece has a carbon fibre look to it with the shadows. You can see other images of this in the gallery. You can see what else I've been up to in ...

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21 Feb 2013 | Tags: BOWL.



As there is such alot of great beach and river driftwood here in New Zealand I will be knocking up a few carved driftwood and stone pieces in the next few weeks. Photos will follow soon as the works progress on here and the FB page. Give the page a "Like" as ...

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10 Feb 2013 | Tags: driftwood.


NZ sand art. GOPRO POLE.

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05 Feb 2013 | Tags: pro.